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  • Q Whether can be optional or modified according to customer requirements ?

    A Yes
  • Q How long is the delivery cycle?

    A It depends on the particular facts 
  • Q What’s the distance per charge?

    A It means the longest mileage of an electric vehicles ,which is drive at a flat road.but  the following conditions should be satisfied:(1) getting a full charge(2)maintain proper pressure in the tires,(3)Load of 75 kg. (4)speed be in 20KM/H,and light air.
  • Q What’s the difference between Ordinary electric vehicles and Plug-in hybrid ele

    A Pure electric vehicles is powered by car power,the wheel is driven by motor,Conform to the requirements of road traffic and safety regulations .Compared to traditional cars ,Pure electric vehicles have a smaller effect on the environment,so,it will has a good market in future.Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle or PHEV is a new style vehicle.PHEV is same with Electric vehicle in Drive principle and driver element,as well as equipped with an engine,which is different from the hybrid of traditional gasoline-powered and electric drive.Ordinary hybrid battery’s capacity is very small,and only provide energy at startup or accelerated condition,or recuperated energy at Stop or slow down state. It’s not ok to charge from an external power source and can’t driving a long distance in pure electric mode.PHEV has a larger battery capacity,and charge from an external power source is allowed,so,you can drive the vehicle powered by electric,when the battery runs out, you can driving in hybrid mode ,and  charge batteries in spare time
  • Q What areas our products are used in?

    A Our products widely used in scenic spot,parks,large pleasure ground,residential area,campus,villa pedestrian street.airport,port and factory have been sold to the united states. United kingdom,South Korea and other countries and regions.It’ssuperior performance and reasonable price obtained good reputation from our foreign customers.
  • Q What we do?

    A The special electirc vehicle’s green,environment protection,energy saving are tanking importance by the environment Protecting Department and Enterprises.Our company has successively developed the electric sightseeing car,electric patrol fire engine car,electric cleaning car.electric sprinkler,electric escort car ,electric lifiting car etc.special vehicles to meet the needs of different markets



ADD:North of Industry Zone,Benniu Town,Changzhou City,Jiangsu

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